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SeetyZen measures how is impacting your well-being


A mobile application to help you to understand how the environment is impacting your well-being.


A multi parameter sensor able to measure air quality, noise pollution and your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Our vision: citizens’ well-being is highly impacted in cities

We believe environmental factors will soon become the single most important priority of communities worldwide.

With the rapid growth of urban migration, cities are becoming overcrowded. Increased density is raising the concentration of invisible pollutants and leading to a greater number of unsafe situations. It is adversely affecting populations, causing illnesses and impacting citizen well-being. In the near future, simple pleasures like playing in the park with your children will require more thought than it should.

Our solution: give citizens greater awareness and control over their well-being

As our environment begins to impact our well-being, now is the time to take action. SeetyZen is a revolutionary multi-parameter sensor designed to enhance your ability to evaluate environmental risks. It monitors air quality, measures noise levels and detects incidents like car accidents or breaking glass. SeetyZen helps make the invisible visible.

SeetZen’s data is processed into reliable and accurate information via ACOEM’s Artificial Intelligence platform to calculate the ACOEM Well-being Index – a unique tool which provides a better understanding of the effect your environment has on your health and well-being.

SeetyZen powered by ACOEM creates community solutions that enable citizens to take control of their environment and improve their well-being.

Stop questioning the risks – seize the opportunity to take action and control your personal well-being!

Our markets : the perfect tool specially designed for a smart city

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