When we're choosing a school for our kids, we base our research on 4 usual parameters





But no one talk us about the environment or about the area security...

To differentiate from others, schools are investing in the infrastructure building huge libraries, advanced sports gym but which one will be the first to show to parents that they take care about the air their children are breathing ?

Our children will spend the most of the time at school during the next 5 years, we want to choose the perfect place for them but we are lacking information.

We all face up to those questions:

  • My children will go to school by foot, is the school situated in a safe area ?
  • Does the school is equipped to detect some incidents?
  • Does my children well-being count for the school?

Our solution gives information enabling us to make the best choice for our children


Gives us a reliable and meaningful information on environmental elements that could daily have an impact on our well being when we are at home.


Increases our awareness of the area safety giving us access to a reliable incident database recording every threats happening around the school.

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